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Yoga has so much to offer in helping us realize our fullest potentials. In this series you will connect breath, meditation and asana to rekindle the most powerful mantra: love! This connection will empower you to embrace a practice rich in self-love, non-judgment and deep compassion through 60-minute yoga practices and short yet powerful 10-minute meditations.

This month-long series blends Hatha yoga with Vinyasa-like flows. Each day we will focus on one of the four centers of the body to create activated and healthy chakras. We'll touch the heart with twists and backbends, our solar with hip openers, and roots and sacral areas with core and standing postures. Each corresponding meditation is an opportunity to intentionally reflect and inspire purposeful change within yourself. Most importantly, you’ll learn to come to your practice each day with an open heart and know that with love, all is coming.

I believe that when we make a personal change in our own lives, it changes the design of the entire universe. And when that change comes from love and self-awareness, the possibilities within us are endless.